Colab, Ngrok,VSC, Google drive, Step by Step

This is what I am setting for my development:

Use browser ONLY to:

  • 1) coding via Vscode,
  • 2) save via Google drive,
  • 3) version control via GitHub,
  • 4) train ML model via colab
  • Use Hugging face to host my cervical segmental demo
  • Jetson Xavier to run the inference.

Get a free Ngrok account/Authtoken:

Go to following Ngrok website and create a free account.

Install / Run ngrok on Colab:

Get the the ipynb file from github….

ssh -L 9999:localhost:9999 -p 17108



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Paul Xiong

Paul Xiong

Coding, implementing, optimizing ML annotation with self-supervised learning, TLDR: doctor’s labeling is the 1st priority for our Cervical AI project.