Demonstrate AI’s Compatibility of Color/Style Changes.

See what we can do with GANs to change the photo’s color, even styles.

There are many various GAN, for different purposes and scenarios. I choose two to demo (see) how the GAN can change the photo’s color/style.

The post’s target audience is non-programmer, to help them get a GAN’s visibility/capability.

The demo is running on Colab. The code is borrowed from various open-source and modified to fit the demo’s purpose.

#1 Quick Demo for color/style change

  • Determine the faces, multiple faces
  • Obtained each face
  • Color each face
  • Cartoon style each face
  • Show the colored/cartooned face

Take away points:

  • The training photos will decide the color quality
  • Face recognition still a challenge while the face is covered or partially showed.
  • This realtime performance will also be a challenge depends on the edge/embedded devices.
  • The color style can be customized by end-users.



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Paul Xiong

Coding, implementing, optimizing ML annotation with self-supervised learning, TLDR: doctor’s labeling is the 1st priority for our Cervical AI project.