MacBook Pro + Jetson+Cervical AI via VirtualBox (part 1)

Step by step to deploy Cervical AI on Jetson AGX Xavier

Our Cervical AI consists of the following components:

  • A web server + database (Myseq)
  • An ML-Segmentation (MaskRCNN)
  • An ML-Prediction (Our modified CNN based pre-trained ResNet)

Prepare the hardware connecting:

  • The laptop needs to install VirtualBox + Ubuntu 16.04 or Ubuntu 18.4, other Linux won’t be supported by Nvidia driver and other utilities.

For the open-source Cervical AI, running our Cervical AI on Nividia V-100 is not cost-effective. When We put the model into Jetson Xavier ($699), 15W power, it works well with saving a lot of money plus, speed is acceptable (less than 20 seconds).

Let's do it step by step.

When installing VirtualBox, to make the guest window properly, don't forget to install this “insert Guest Additions CD image…”

To use USB3.0 for VirtualBox, we need to download and install VirtualBox Extension

Power off the VirtualBox and select USB 3.0

Somehow, directly connect to MacbookPro usb3.0 doesn’t work, connect to a USB hub works. Choose NVIDIA Corp…

Then make a shared folder between VirtualBox and MacBook.

Then download to the shared folder.

sudo dpkg -i sdkmanager_1.1.0-6343_amd64.deb

BTW: usually above command may have some error with dependencies, you can run the following command to fix it (actually, I tried Ubuntu 16.04, it installed smoothly, you may want to try it.):

sudo apt --fix-broken install

For Ubuntu 16.04, I also did

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo reboot

Here is the trick part (costs me a few days to figure out):

  • (Don’t use USBC with VirtualBox as some post suggested, use USB 2.0)
  • (Don’t flash Jetson OS and Jetson SDK at one, do it separately)
  • Directly connect front USBC (it has a LED light beside) to your Macbook when flashing Jetson OS
  • (Above connecting will have a USB issue, which is that VirtualBox won’t be able to recognize the USBC after you are done with Jetson OS, so the next step is a must. )
  • Connect front USBC to a USB Hub (will address above issue) when flashing Jetson SDK
  • Check/Click on VirtualBox’s USB icon to choose the “Nvidia Corp APX…”.
    In the VirtualBox terminator, use the following command to check if Jetson’s USB works or not
  • Connect a HDMI device (TV or monitor) to you Jetson box, there you will be asked to give a name and password.
  • Then on your VirtualBox, you will see following screen, type the name and password you just give in the above step.

Okay, that is all the steps you have to go through. In the end, you will see following successfully screen:

The next post will be showed how to install Cervical AI to the Jetson box.

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