Use Remote VSC to Edit Vue.js+Go on VirtualBox (1)

After editing, build Docker and push to an edge box (Jetson)

Here is the physic connection: Macbook ← → Home router ← →Edge box Jetson

VSC editor and VirtualBox both are running on Macbook.

VirtualBox has my docker build system.

The problem is: running vim into VirtualBox is slow, sometimes even freeze the whole VirtualBox.

Solution: Run VSC editor outside of VirtualBox, after finishing with coding, only run docker build on VirtualBox, then push the docker image down to the edge box Jetson.

Assuming you already installed VSC, it is very easy, there are many excellent articles and manuals online.

Step by step:


  • rmate @VirtualBox
sudo wget  sudo curl  --output /usr/local/bin/rmatesudo chmod a+x /usr/local/bin/rmate
  • install sshd @VirtualBox, if you have not.
sudo apt-get install openssh-server

to check the sshd is up or not, do following command:

sudo service ssh status


  • Connect to VirtualBox via ssh
ssh -R 52698:
  • Mapping a file to VSC from VirtualBox

will display like this

Next post, we will be talking about how to modify vue.js and how it works with Go, Docker, and Jetson.

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